The Aloha United Way (AUW) and the Institute for Human Services (IHS) were recognized by the Hawai‘i State Senate for their important work to combat homelessness statewide, and specifically for their collaboration with the Coordinated Statewide Homeless Initiative (CSHI).

In 2014, the CSHI program served 1,500 households, 4,600 individuals, and court evictions dropped by 25 percent on O’ahu alone. In the State of Hawai‘I, 47 percent of those homeless households were families with children, 64 percent were at risk of becoming homeless, and many of Hawai‘i’s citizens are just two or three months away from becoming homeless. AUW and IHS work vigilantly to aid individuals and families in need of a multitude of services.

Recognized for AUW was Cindy Adams, President; Jay King, Program Manager; and Norm Baker, COO. From the words of one recipient, this program “Has given me a release of the burden of trying to maintain housing I couldn’t have afforded alone. It has provided me with a clean, affordable home for myself and my daughter, along with renewed hope in myself and strength to go on trying to move forward in life—it has given me all of that.”

Connie Mitchell, Executive Director, and Kimo Carvalho, Director of Community Relations were present for the Institute for Human Services. IHS is the oldest, largest and most comprehensive human services agency in Hawai‘i, founded exclusively on preventing and ending homelessness. In FY 2016, IHS housed 1,654 homeless individuals and delivered homeless services to over 5,000 people.

Both organizations were honored for their continued compassion and spirit of innovation to all members of our community.

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