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HONOLULU – Gov. Ige signed a bill that will dedicate millions of dollars to the state’s effort to create more housing that people can afford.

ACT 189 (HB1312) will add $100 million to the Rental Housing Revolving Fund over the next two years. An additional $67 million will be added to the Dwelling Unit Revolving Fund via Act 40 for infrastructure and land acquisitions.

Video of these bills being signed right here.

“These funds will help the state keep the momentum going. The state’s progress would not be possible without support from the Legislature and the private sector. My administration set a goal of 10,000 new units by 2020. We remain committed to building housing that Hawai‘i families can afford,” said Gov. Ige.

In the past four years, the state has completed 6,700 units – 60 percent of them affordable. There are 7,700 additional units in the pipeline, with 80 percent of them affordable and the vast majority will be rentals.

The governor also signed the following measures in bill signing ceremonies today:

Women’s Legislative Caucus Bills:

Video of these bills being signed right here.

**For more information, please click on the bills below which will take you to our Hawai'i State Legislature Website and that corresponding bill. Mahalo!

ACT 175 SB1037 Relating to Domestic Violence

ACT 176 SB1039 Relating to Prostitution

ACT 177 HB483 Relating to Civil Rights

Health Bills:

ACT 180 HB330 Relating to Suicide Prevention

ACT 181 SB1406 Relating to Health

ACT 182 SB804 Relating to Palliative Care

ACT 183 HB1272 Relating to Prescription Drugs

Fireworks Bills:

ACT 184 HB497 Relating to Fireworks

ACT 185 HB499 Relating to Fireworks Labeling

ACT 186 HB501 Relating to Fireworks

Other Bills:

ACT 178 HB710 Relating to Employment Practices

ACT 179 HB1552 Relating to Public Safety

ACT 187 HB1176 Relating to Electric Guns

ACT 188 HB601 Relating to Exemption from Registration Fees

In addition – Gov. Ige signed the following bills on June 27, 2019:

ACT 158 SB1525 Relating to Home Care Agencies

ACT 159 SB1091 Relating to the Department of Transportation

ACT 160 SB998 Relating to Special Purpose Revenue Bonds for Hawaiian

Electric Company, Inc.; Maui Electric Co, Ltd. and Hawai‘i Electric Light Company, Inc.ACT 161 SB981 Relating to Hawai‘i Teacher Standards Board Special


ACT 162 SB398 Relating to Homelessness

ACT 163 HB1449 Relating to the Nursing Facility Sustainability Program

ACT 164 HB1455 Relating to the University of Hawai‘i

ACT 165 HB1273 Relating to Health

ACT 166 HB1068 Relating to Heeia State Park

ACT 167 HB820 Relating to Housing

ACT 168 HB843 Relating to Hawai‘i Community College

ACT 169 HB703 Relating to Intoxicating Liquor

ACT 170 HB551 Relating to Cesspools

ACT 171 HB420 Relating to Hawaiian Culture

ACT 172 HB398 Relating to the University of Hawai‘i

ACT 173 HB1270 Relating to the Hospital Sustainability Program

ACT 174 SB162 Relating to Taxation (Signed July 1)

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